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Jesus Generation

We're gathering 3,500 Gen Z individuals on November 27 to 29, 2023 for a JREV CONVERGENZ at the Ynares Sports Arena.

"You were not born to just go to church. You were born to shift the destiny of the Philippines." - Ps Jerome Ocampo

NOVEMBER 27-29, 2023

JREV ConverGenz 2023

It will be three days of believing with audacious faith to move a whole generation for Jesus, and of impartation to young emerging and persevering leaders, movers, and influencers who are Millenials and GenZs.

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Dr. Leif Hetland

Founder and President of Global Mission Awareness

Bishop Dan Balais

National Chairman of the Intercessors for the Philippines

Dr. Jason Hubbard

International Prayer Connect


Ptr. Paul Yadao

Senior Pastor of Destiny Ministries


Ptr. Jerome Ocampo

Founder and Vision Keeper of Jesus Revolution Now

Ptr. Hiram Pangilinan

Senior Pastor of Church so Blessed

Ptr. Ziggie Buksh

National Coordinator of Jesus

Revolution Now

Ptr. Lathur Badoy

Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Christian

Fellowship in Davao

Ptr. Stephen Ocampo

Founder of Gateway House of Prayer

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JREV ConverGenz Schedule

Worship Teams

JREV (Manila)

Destiny Music (Laguna)

Lighthouse (Davao)

Maranatha (Cebu)

About the Venue



The Ynares Sports Arena is located at the Old Capitol Compound, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Join the JREV ConverGenz

Let us gather on November 27-29 at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City to awaken the Gen Z as a Jesus Generation.

What is JREV

Jesus Revolution Now is a catalyst for mobilizing two generations to hunger for the revival and transformation of people, communities, and nations.

We are a movement that raises up a consecrated generation devoted to the Lord in a Nazarite lifestyle.

This is achieved by mobilizing prayer and fasting gatherings, organizing and training youth for moral reformation and restoration, and fostering fathering and mentoring relationships.

The GenZs

We're bringing together 3,500 Gen Z individuals aged 11-25, a generation in transition as they enter college, start careers, and immerse themselves in the fast-paced digital world. While many Gen Zs are less inclined to read the Bible and a significant portion identifies as non-religious, they value education, advocate for increased government intervention, and engage with platforms like

TikTok. It's important to note that their experiences and cultural references can vary widely within this age range.

Nevertheless, Gen Z is receptive to the message of Jesus. They possess a keen awareness of the world's brokenness and aren't afraid to exolore profound questions about life and justice. Their desire for community aligns with the core principles of the gospel, offering them a source of connection and purpose that transcends their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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